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(taken from 6D seat, in my trip to Singapore)

When I tried to remember my childhood time, I could not tell you all of those precious moments. Do you know why? Well, that was because they were not well-documented. There were so many moments, pictures, photos, documents, notes and other memories that has been lost until I regret those all. I think this is bad for me because memory is an experience, it is the best teacher for us. I have been failed to win contest in 99designs until the 23th contest then I finally won and got my first client. Yes, I learn a lot from my experience in the past.

The whole memories become a story. It is always compelling when people tell their story. I love to read story, it makes me imagine myself become a part of their story, feel the experience, atmosphere and learn from it. I want to be a nice storyteller too.

Yesterday, I found a nice article about storyteller.

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” —
Ira Glass

After I read the article, I realize that I am a bad storyteller. I tried to figure out why. For me as a designer, it is important for me to be a nice storyteller. I should be able to talk about product background, design philosophy and other compelling things to my client. Then I learned that if I want to be a good storyteller, I should start writing my moments because it will make me easier to remember.

Therefore, I want to start writing again after almost 2 years since I wrote my last post on my old blog. Writing a post is about desire and confession. I just want to share my thought, story, or even memory.

Oh yes, why did I write my post in English? Because I want to start practicing my English. Nice to meet you.

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