2014, Tahun untuk Memilih

Tak terasa sudah sebulan terlewati di tahun 2014. Terasa cepat memang, bahkan rasanya baru kemarin euforia tahun baru kita rayakan. Iya, waktu memang rasanya begitu cepat berlalu, seperti uang di dompet yang was wus gitu aja. Duh malah surhat. Oke kita kembali ke topik tulisan ini.


Hello Universe


(taken from 6D seat, in my trip to Singapore)

When I tried to remember my childhood time, I could not tell you all of those precious moments. Do you know why? Well, that was because they were not well-documented. There were so many moments, pictures, photos, documents, notes and other memories that has been lost until I regret those all. I think this is bad for me because memory is an experience, it is the best teacher for us. I have been failed to win contest in 99designs until the 23th contest then I finally won and got my first client. Yes, I learn a lot from my experience in the past.

The whole memories become a story. It is always compelling when people tell their story. I love to read story, it makes me imagine myself become a part of their story, feel the experience, atmosphere and learn from it. I want to be a nice storyteller too.

Yesterday, I found a nice article about storyteller.

“Great stories happen to those who can tell them.” —
Ira Glass

After I read the article, I realize that I am a bad storyteller. I tried to figure out why. For me as a designer, it is important for me to be a nice storyteller. I should be able to talk about product background, design philosophy and other compelling things to my client. Then I learned that if I want to be a good storyteller, I should start writing my moments because it will make me easier to remember.

Therefore, I want to start writing again after almost 2 years since I wrote my last post on my old blog. Writing a post is about desire and confession. I just want to share my thought, story, or even memory.

Oh yes, why did I write my post in English? Because I want to start practicing my English. Nice to meet you.